Città d'Italia: Bologna, Siena, Mantova, Pisa, Padova, Torino, Genova, Assisi, Arezzo, Sanremo
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Enjoy your travel across Italy with us.
Italy Travel Guides for Android™ represent a new way to travel across Italy, this wonderful country famous all over the world for its enchanting cities, towns and villages, its evocative landscapes, its precious treasures of art and its tasty foods and wines.

Let us guide you to discover Italy: Italy Travel Guides are a new travel experience for a lot of reasons.

Our guides are the only Italy travel guides for Android™ written by Italian people who know very well their country. We have been in every city our travel guides describe and we have visited the majory of the attractions we suggest, so we propose you a real travel experience, which will lead you to discover the most important attractions around Italy together with the less famous ones but surely worth a visit.

Everything you need for a great travel
Attractions, restaurants, informations about food and shopping, detailed maps based on OpenStreetMap: Italy Travel Guides have everything you need to spend great holidays in Italy.

A lot of destinations, available in English and Italian languages, everyone with a lot of places to visit with high-detail informations, photographs and positions on the map. The best restaurants where you can taste the real Italian food, the best ways where you can go shopping and many informations about the destination you are going to visit.

Our travel guides are very simple to use and contain every information you need to enjoy a great travel: they are smart not only because they are elegant and simple, but also because their size is very small, so you can download them quickly!

100% offline, 100% free!
Italy Travel Guides are completely offline, so you do not have to pay for roaming costs because every information about the travel destinations is stored in the applications.

Moreover, Italy Travel Guides are completely free and are distributed without any cost! You can find them easily in the Android Market simply searching for your destination.

Browse our website to discover which travel guides are available! Have a nice trip!

Complete travel guides to enjoy a great travel. High-detail maps from OpenStreetMap. The best attractions to enjoy a complete visit. Complete description for every attraction. The best restaurants to taste Italian food.

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